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  1. AIMEILI Must Have For Halloween Nail Designs

    A good gel nail polish will be very useful for your Halloween nail art designs!

    You can do some scary designs to make fun with your friends!

    Of course you can do some cute designs to have fun with yourself too!

    You can even apply different base colors to get more colorful glowings!

    You can watch the video below to experience how magic they are!

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  2. AIMEILI Cat Eye Magnetic Gel Polish Series

    Using a magnet to get the cat eye on your nails? Is that real? Looking down:

    Please apply a black coat  to show the fabulous effect.

    Siamese Affectionate Yellow

    Silky Mysterious Blue

    Ambilight Mumbai Green

    Piercing Persian Red

    Flooding Shorthair Purple

    Brilliant Flying Cloud

    Here is the set of these gel polishes, get them with a lower price about $4 each.

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  3. AIMEILI Galaxy Paranoid Gel Polish Serie

    New AIMEILI Galaxy Flakie Gel Nail Polish

    You can see the galaxy on your nails, isn't that a miracle? Hurry up and give a try!

    PLEASE NOTE: Galaxy Paranoid Collection is clear glitter. Black color coat is used underneath the galaxy color coat for the effect picture shown.

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  4. AIMEILI Temperature Color Changing Serie

    As a gel polish professional manufacturer and producer, we have some series of gel polishes to introduce to you.

    Today it's a so called temperature color changing serie which is very popular in the entire world !!!

    As we all know, the gel polish remain in a color when it's under normal temperature, but it will change to another color when it gets warm.

    The results are really fascinating and surpuring. We will show you more photos from our customers.

    If you still want to know how that happened, you can go watch our videos on our YouTube Channel.

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  5. AIMEILI Neon Gel Nail Polish

    As our life is colorful, you can find other things are the same way too. Why not try some colorful nail art designs at home with these eye catching gel nail polishes!







    Surely these shining manicures will give you a good mood and let's enjoy everyday!

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  6. Introducing AIMEILI

    AIMEILI ( I-May-Lee ) is a well-known brand of nail products.

    It was design in Hong Kong and registered in the US and Europe . The meaning of AIMEILI is we will make everyone beautiful whoever use our products.

    Since the brand was established in 2012, the gel nail polish has won a lot of fans around the world. For the good quality and we put beauty, fun and environment protection elements into the products.

    Besides, our changing color gel polish is one of best fun gel polish. The material is imported from America, Japan and Germany, which aiming at minimizing the harm of chemical components to human bodies.

    We keep providing high customer experience by high quality, fast shipping and new outstanding products. There's no doubt that AIMEILI is making a contribution to the nail industrial.

    Lastly, you could find and shop our products via our brand website, on Amazon and on eBay. Welcome and enjoy!

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